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My projects
Fuzzawasit Game current
Fuzzawasit Game ver5 As of March 15, 2018
Fuzzawasit Game ver4 As of March 14, 2018
Fuzzawasit Game ver3 As of March 13, 2018
Fuzzawasit Game ver2 The plank hitting the ground did not work the way I wanted.
Fuzzawasit Game ver1
Sprite Tester V2
Sprite Tester V2
This is the second version of my sprite tester with a different spritesheet
Sprite Tester
Sprite Tester
I created this to test animate a sprite list
Langton's Ant
My take on Langton's Ant    grid 144x144   Langton's Ant 144
Another version    grid 48x48   Langton's Ant 48
Wikipedia on Langton's Ant -   Langton's Ant Wikipedia
Old terminal
Old Terminal
This is from several years ago. I decided I wanted to learn HTML5. I wanted to learn the Canvas object so I wrote this screen. I was inspired by the old CRT screens in the game Fallout 3.